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Catherine Rak began dancing at the young age of 2 and has been competing since the age of 6.  She is a member of the Thrive Exceed Competition Team and trains over 15 hours a week.


Her styles include modern, ballet, point, jazz, tap, contemporary, hip hop and Irish.  Her student  choreography piece earned her a judge’s award for focus and connection.  


Catherine is also a member of the LTHS Eurythmic Dance Company and has been a Eurythmic dancer since her freshman year of high school.  Catherine has been trained in Irish by an officially licensed Irish dance teacher,Heather Finn Teliga, from the Dennehy School of Irish dance.  


She has participated in many master classes and workshops and gives credit for her love of dance to her amazing teachers and mentors:  Heather Arocho, Star Dixon, Elizabeth Lattyak, Cheryl Okuda, and Robyn Robbins.


Catherine’s teaching style encourages students to have a growth mindset and become more confident in and outside of the dance studio.

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