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Sarah Gilmartin

About Us

Opened in the summer of 2015, Thrive Center for Dance is a state of the art dance studio in Indian Head Park, IL.  We offer classes in a variety of styles for ages three and up including Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Contemporary, Jazz, Broadway, Hip Hop, Modern,  Combo classes, Technique classes and Performance Company.

Regardless of the role that dance plays in your life, we believe that all students deserve to be taught and nurtured by high level and caring professionals. Exceptional care is taken with every student to insure the proper technical and artistic development in each style taken. No two students are alike.  At Thrive we believe that expressing yourself as a dancer is more than just learning steps.  It is about finding your unique voice creatively in the classroom and on stage.

My goal as a teacher is to get students to be present, focused and deliberate as they dance.  They should be conscious and aware of their instrument at all times.  Mindfulness allows for greater control and clearer expression both technically and artistically. It is my deep belief that art mirrors life. We live as we dance and we dance as we live. My hope for all of you is that you learn to dance/live mindfully, passionately, and with a sense of wonder and that creative expression of your uniqueness brings you a deep sense of joy. 


I would love to meet you and show you what we are about in person.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.  We also offer free trial classes.  Simply email us at

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