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All students enrolled in level based classes must master the skills required in each level before advancement.

Private lessons are also available in each style.

See the front desk for details.


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Ballet is a foundational style of dance providing a solid technical base, proper alignment, core strength, and inherent gracefulness. 

Students registered in Ballet III and higher are required to take at least 2 ballet classes a week.  Build a solid base for your technique today with this traditional and classical style.


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Contemporary combines techniques developed through a variety of styles including ballet, lyrical, jazz, and modern.  Enrollment in ballet is strongly recommended for all contemporary classses.

Explore your love of dance through this highly engaging syle.



Hip-Hop is a style of dance that is continuously evolving and has become an integral part of our culture.  Highly energetic, expressive, and explosive, this popular dance style is both dynamic and diverse.

Students who are enrolled in Hip-Hop II or higher are also invited to participate in Hip-Hop Team.


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For our youngest dancers, we offer combo classes.  Combo classes provide a fun exploration of self-expression while learning developmentally appropriate technique and choreography.

Our combo classes lay the foundation for the higher level classes that follow and build  awareness,  memory, and confidence.


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Students enrolled in Ballet III or higher who exhibit a high level of fundamental ballet technique as well as sufficient strength in the legs, feet, ankles, and core may be 

invited to begin pointe work.  

Dancers who are on pointe must

take a minimum of 2 ballet classes a week.



Modern is a style of dance that focuses on creating movement, exploring spacial awareness, energy, gravity, musicality, and rhythm.  

This class focuses on floor work, improvisation, contraction and release.  Experimental in its origin, modern will test your boundaries as a dancer both technically and artistically.


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Active storytelling and theatrical abilities are honed through this highly expressive and choreographically  stylized form of dance.  

Bring out your personality as a dancer as you embody different characters while dancing and learn what it takes to be "Broadway Bound".


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For the student who loves to perform, our performance company classes provide an opportunity to hit the stage multiple times throughout the year.  

We offer multiple teams and companies so that there is something for everyone.  All teams have different requirements.


 Companies that perform in multiple styles are by audition only. 



Jazz incorporates a broad range of dance styles and techniques that have evolved over the years.  A low center of gravity and a high level of energy are important identifying characteristics of this highly stylized, eclectic, and entertaining style of dance.

Explore this exciting style of dance and sharpen your musicality and performance skills.


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Tap is making music with your body through rhythm and sound. Musicality is one of the cornerstones of dance that all dancers must master.


 Explore the heartbeat of dance through the use of syncompation, rhythm, and improvisation.



Acrobatics (or Acro as it is commonly called) involves stretching and strengthening through gymnastics and various tumbling drills.  It develops the strength and flexibility necessary for the execution of skills such as backbends, cartwheels, needles, walkovers, and aerials.

Don't miss out on developing these highly specialized set of skills!

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